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Here you will find my natural artisan soaps for sale. What does an artisan do? I was really excited to come across this description of an artisan. "An artisan works to produce a pure product of their vision, often using labour intensive techniques and high quality ingredients." I couldn't possibly resonate with this statement more! 

I create my soaps in small batches by hand, they are free from harmful ingredients and synthetic additives. My soaps are made using the old fashioned cold process method of soap making. This means that I formulate my own soap recipes from scratch. I don't use pre-bought, ready made soap bases. My eco-friendly soaps are naturally coloured with roots and clays, and scented with essential oils. I cure my soaps for a minimum of 4 weeks, this creates a hard bar of soap that lasts a long time. Soap is well worth waiting for!

I include skin nourishing plant oils such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.  Soap bars are pure luxury, and a joy to use, a great way to begin your zero waste journey.

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What is all-natural cold process soap?

All-natural cold process soap is a type of soap that is made using natural, gentle, eco-friendly ingredients such as plant-based oils, essential oils, and natural colorants. When formulating soaps a high alkaline salt called lye is used in a process called saponification. The reaction between the distilled lye water and the fats / oils in the recipe is what changes the structure of the liquid oils into a hard bar of soap. There is no lye remaining in the finished bars, that is the beauty of the saponification process! 

What are the benefits of using cold process soap?

Cold process soaps are gentle on your skin, formulated with natural plant oils such as sweet almond, coconut and sunflower seed, these give the soaps great lather for cleansing your skin but also do not strip the skin of its natural oils. They are eco-friendly and sustainable, made from renewable ingredients which are biodegradable. Each finished bar of soap contains naturally occurring glycerine and has free oils remaining in the bar, which gently cleanse the skin without over-drying it.


Are natural soaps suitable for all skin types?

Yes, natural soaps are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as they are made using natural and gentle ingredients. However, if you have a specific skin condition or allergy, it is always best to check the ingredients list and consult with your health care provider.


Can all-natural soaps lather and clean effectively?

Yes, all-natural soaps can lather and clean just as effectively as conventional soaps. The natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter, create a rich and moisturizing lather with lots of big bubbles. Natural soaps do not strip the skin like common detergent soaps, they gently lift away dirt and bacteria with a rich and creamy lather.

What is vegan soap?

Vegan soap is a type of soap that does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products and is not tested on animals. Instead, it is made using only plant-based ingredients such as plant oils, butters, botanicals, and essential oils. It is a cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional soaps that contain animal-derived ingredients such as lard and beeswax.