Organic Skincare Market

Hello and welcome, my name is Gráinne. Aromawakening has grown over the years with my love for holistic health, herbal healing and aromatherapy. Going back to basics and working with natural ingredients which come from the earth such as essential oils, herbal infused oils, butters, waxes and clays is a way of incorporating the healing powers of nature into skincare products that are gentle and effective for everyday use. I have combined my love for nature with my experience as a qualified Aromatherapist. 

After completing my qualification in 2002, I was often requested to make aromatherapy blends for friends and family that were suffering from various skin complaints. I started to formulate recipes, I was hooked and began expanding my knowledge and experimenting with cold process soap. I began making cold soap as a hobby, it is a very creative process. I love anything to do with craft. Our Soap range is made using the traditional cold process method of soap making, they are then left to cure for at least 4 weeks. We do not use palm oil in our soaps because we do not believe that it is possible to source it sustainably. We use natural skin loving butters and oils. We do not use any synthetic fragrance in our soaps because many people have allergic reactions to it, we use Essential oils to gently fragrance them. We experiment with different plants and clays to colour our soaps naturally. It is amazing the colours which can be achieved with plant roots and seeds. Of course they are free from SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colours, fragrance & preservatives. Please note that our soaps are not Organic, they are however pure luxury!

~Squeaky Clean Skincare~