About Aromawakening

 You are very welcome to Aromawakening, my name is Gráinne Sage and this is my family run business. I hope that when you visit my shop you will get a sense of our love for nature and all things simple and natural. Skincare is an essential part of our everyday lives and it should be a treat and a routine we enjoy. Our ancestors were wise to the ways of utilizing plants and harnessing their healing powers. Finding my way back to nature for me is like coming home. It feels like an essential part of me, being whole as a person. The knowledge of our ancestors is in our blood and our culture. I have a strong sense of the land we are on, and honouring this.

Making cold process soap the old fashioned way from scratch, enables me to include any medicinal plants and essential oils that I choose. I am a perfectionist about every small detail, each and every ingredient has been carefully sourced for it's healing power, wonderful fragrance or vibrant colour. It is amazing the colours which can be achieved with roots, flowers and seeds. Of course they are absolutely free from sls, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colours & fragrance. We do not use palm oil in any of our soaps or any derivatives of it in our skincare range because we do not believe that it is possible to source it sustainably. The perfect zero waste swap for your bathroom!

Recently I have been re-working many recipes to make them vegan, this is an important change which I have felt motivated to make. Making my products vegan means that they are accessible to everybody and that they are truly cruelty free. Each and every product has been carefully crafted with love and attention. My skincare range of balms, body butters and facial serums are made using soil certified organic ingredients and locally foraged medicinal plants. Some I find growing wild here locally, such as mugwort, plantain and nettle, I then infuse these in organic oils to extract the healing properties of the plants. From the joy of gathering fresh flowers, drying them, making oil infusions and then incorporating these into my recipes. There is something ancient and deeply rooting about connecting with these herbal allies.